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About Faculty Of Nursing


Welcome to the Faculty of Nursing

The Faculty of nursing believes in providing care to individuals, family, and community. This is achieved through the dynamic promotion and maintenance of health, prevention of illness, and management of patients. The faculty of Nursing at AUN pays attention to Rehabilitation which is a process intended to enable people with disabilities to reach and maintain optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological, and social function.

As a vital service within the health care delivery system, The Nursing faculty functions collaboratively with other health professions in a variety of setting to meet societal needs utilizing the nursing process.

The Faculty Recognizes Its responsibility to Prepare Learners with the needed skills in the Nursing Service, Research, and Leadership

The Faculty of Nursing - Assiut University awards the following degrees:

  1.  Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  2.  Master's degree in one of the specializations of the faculty of Nursing
  3.  A Doctorate degree in one of the specializations of the faculty of Nursing
  4.  Diploma in one of the specializations of the faculty of Nursing

Faculty Vision

The Faculty of Nursing, Assiut University, seeks excellence and leadership in the fields of nursing education, scientific research, and community service National and international.

Faculty Mission

The Faculty of Nursing - Assiut University is a governmental, educational and research institution that works to prepare scientifically, skillfully and professionally qualified cadres capable of innovation and competition in the labor market and addressing community problems in the fields of nursing in the light of Egypt's vision 2030 and activating the role of community participation through accredited educational programs based on academic standards based on Competencies and distinguished scientific research that takes into account quality standards within the framework of recognized university values ​​and traditions

Growth and Expansion

Faculty of Nursing was first established as a High Institute by the decree of the President of the Ministers Council in 1982. However, in 2000, another decree was released that ordered for its transformation from a High Institute to an accredited Egyptian Faculty.

The campus is located opposite to the University hospital in Assiut. It is considered to be the oldest Nursing campus in Upper Egypt and the 4th across the Egyptian Governorates.

   Core values:

  • loyalty to the college.
  • Promoting academic freedom.
  • Scientific honesty.
  • Teamwork
  • Mutual Respect
  • Prioritizing the public interest
  • Achieving justice.

College strategic goals and objectives:

The first goal:

  • Preparing an academically and professionally qualified graduate who is able to compete in the labor market and solve societal problems.

Strategic Objectives: -

  1.  Continuous improvement of the educational process for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  2.  Enhancing student support and student activities and encouraging students to innovate.
  3.  Continuous development of the college's special programs.
  4.  Developing the college's own resources.
  5.  Supporting the infrastructure to serve the educational process in the college.
  6.  Increasing the number of electronic courses in the college.

The second Goal: -

  • Developing the research process and postgraduate studies in the college.

Strategic Objectives: -

  1. Developing the educational structure for postgraduate studies.
  2. Updating and following up the college's research plan and its compatibility with the university's research plan and contemporary societal issues.
  3. Increasing the number of research papers published internationally.
  4. Developing the scientific journal in the college to obtain a high impact factor internationally.

The third goal: -

  • Developing the community service sector and environmental development in the college in line with Egypt's vision 2030.

Strategic Objectives: -

  1. Follow-up and sponsorship of graduates.
  2. Enhancing the college's role in community participation.
  3. Activating the role of centers and units of a special nature
  4. Activate the role of the crisis and disasters unit and occupational safety and health.
  5. Raising awareness of health, environmental and societal problems.

The fourth goal:

  • Continuous development of the administrative apparatus.

Strategic Objectives: -

  1. Developing the administrative apparatus and obtaining ISO 9001.
  2. Developing the infrastructure and technology of the college's administrative system.
  3. Raising the efficiency of the administrative staff in all fields.

Fifth goal: -

  • Developing the technological infrastructure of the college

Strategic Objectives: -

  1. Establishing a virtual learning lab.
  2. Raising the efficiency of the technological structure of the college.
  3. Introducing the electronic management system (E-management) for all departments of the college.
  4. Creating an electronic network to link all academic and administrative departments and departments in the college.

Sixth goal:

  •   VI. Obtaining the accreditation of the college and seeking international accreditation.

Strategic Objectives: -

  1. Adopting the standards of the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance and Institutional / Program Accreditation.
  2. Continuous evaluation of the three sectors of the college (the educational process - postgraduate studies and scientific research - community service and environmental development).
  3. Seeking to obtain international accreditation for the bachelor's program.


The Faculty now offers its applicants, eight main departments:

  1. Nursing Administration
  2. Psychiatric nursing and mental health
  3. Pediatric Nursing
  4. Critical Care and Emergency Nursing
  5. Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing
  6. Medical and Surgical Nursing
  7. Public Health Nursing
  8. Geriatric Nursing


Pubic health

And According to the Ministerial decree of 2019, it has been decided for the postgraduate studies to operate through the newly developed credit hours system.

Values & Goals

Nursing Faculty at AUN objective:

  1. Continuous development of the educational ability of the bachelor stage.
  2. Enhancement of the students’ support and activities.
  3. Developing the educational process in the postgraduate stage.
  4. Updating the research plan of the college.
  5. Follow up with the graduates.
  6. Enhancing the role of the Faculty in community participation.
  7. Developing the performance of the administrative staff and the academic leadership at the faculty.
  8. Improving the performance of the quality assurance unit.
  9. Continuous assessment of the three sectors of the College (Education and Student Affairs Sector - Postgraduate Studies and scientific research Sector - Community Service and Environmental Development Sector).


History (Faculty Story)

   Nursing at Assiut University have a long and distinguished history since 1982. It was first named ‘The Higher Institute of  Nursing’, then after the issuance of Republican Decree No. (200) for the year 2000 AD the name changed to ‘the faculty of Nursing’. The Faculty of Nursing - Assiut University is an accredited college from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, and it includes eight different specializations.

Faculty of Nursing in Assiut University has exerted unprecedented efforts in developing the educational process in order to guarantee a flawless outcome on all the possible academic levels..