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Graduates Affairs Management Tasks

Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Sector

The tasks of the Graduate Committee and Scientific Research:

  1. Drawing up the policy of scientific research in the college in order to achieve the level of scientific research at the university in a direction that serves and meets the needs of development in the country.
  2. Laying the foundations for research that should be included in scientific research activities.
  3. Take all means leading to the activation of the role of scientific research in the college by supporting departments and research centers and achieving their objectives, as well as deciding on the support of the editorial bodies of the scientific journal issued by the college through material contribution to its printing and dissemination.
  4. Discussing and approving the draft annual budget for scientific research, which was prepared in the light of the budget projects of research centers, studies, information centers and units at the university and college level - and supervising its implementation after its adoption by the relevant authorities.
  5. Supervising administrative units related to postgraduate studies and scientific research.
  6. Discuss and approve research plans and programmes submitted from research centres or units and information centres within or outside colleges.
  7. Discussing and approving scientific research plans and linking them to development plans in the state as well as what is raised from the committees related to scientific research on the level of completion of research plans in colleges and departments.
  8. Securing the needs of libraries for scientific research and providing what scientific research and researchers need (local, regional and international periodicals as well as scientific messages and theses) through issuance, documentation, organization and presentation.
  9. Discuss and approve research projects submitted by faculty members at the university provided they are appropriate to the living reality and provide scientific solutions to the problem in question, linked to reality and applicable.
  10. Discuss and approve the annual and periodic research plans received from colleges, research centers and units, including conferences, seminars and scientific workshops expected and planned to be established in various scientific aspects and contribute to their support, funding and implementation through selected committees.
  11. Approval of cooperation agreements in the field of scientific research between the college and other colleges or between the university and other universities - concluded by the rector or vice-chancellor for scientific research.
  12. Approval of cooperation agreements in the field of scientific research concluded by the research centers, studies, information centers and units of the University with other scientific bodies and other similar research centers - after its adoption by the Vice President of the University for Scientific Research.
  13. Approval of the establishment of the Research and Studies Center and the Information Unit of the College.
  14. Follow-up the lifting of research plans as well as their implementation in accordance with the regulations organized, including the study of research projects of the research faculty members and the organization of conferences and seminars to be held in the college.
  15. Follow-up on the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the councils related to scientific research.
  16. Study and adoption of minutes of meetings of department committees related to scientific research.
  17. Carry out any tasks and specialties assigned to them by the Dean of the Faculty or the College's Undersecretary for Graduate Affairs and Scientific Research.


Faculty Committee on Foreign Cultural Relations:

  • Develop a plan for the college's missions as proposed by the departments.
  • Develop a policy to send faculty members to the faculty in scientific tasks and conferences, to follow up scientific progress in their field, and coordinate the programs of these tasks to ensure integration and achieve maximum scientific benefit as it studies reports, and proposals submitted by members of these tasks and express opinions in them.
  • Propose a general program for workshops, scientific courses, seminars in which the college participates, organize the participation of faculty members in what is held at home or abroad and encourage the publication of research and reports submitted from it.


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