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Research Funding and Development Unit

Research Funding and Development Unit


Excellence and leadership in scientific research at the College of Nursing at the local, regional and global levels.

the message

The unit seeks to develop the research skills of faculty members and researchers at the College of Nursing to achieve qualitative and innovative research achievements that contribute to community development and addressing its problems.

Unit objectives

  1. Improving the quality of research by faculty members and researchers at the college.
  2. Upgrading and developing scientific theses.
  1. Encouraging joint scientific publishing among faculty members inside and outside the university in internationally and locally prestigious journals that are indexed in global databases (Scopus & WOS)
  1. Providing services that contribute to the development of scientific research skills for faculty members and researchers.
  1. Holding seminars, training programs and workshops aimed at developing scientific research outputs.
  1. Linguistic review of scientific research and theses.
  1. Investing in the scientific and research capabilities of distinguished faculty members in transferring their expertise to young researchers.
  1. Encouraging joint research among researchers in one discipline, or different disciplines within the college.
  1. Introducing funding and support channels for research activities.

board of directors

The unit is as follows:

The name


Prof.   Dr.   /   Samah   Mohamed


Chairman of Board of Directors (Dean of the College)

Prof.    Dr.    /    Ikram    Ibrahim


Vice    Dean    for    Postgraduate

Studies and Research

Prof. Dr. Shalabiya, Mr. Abu Zaid

Unit manager

Prof. Dr. Iman Sayed Ahmed


Prof. Dr. Neama Mohammed Al-



Prof. Dr. Safaa Rashad Mahmoud


Dr. Samia Youssef Sayed


Dr. Karima Hosni Abdel Hafez


Dr. Safaa Rabea Osman


A / Najat Sayed Abu Al-Hassan


Administrative secretary

Ali Muhammad Ali



Services provided by the unit:

1-Training programs:

  • How to search global databases.
  • How to reveal the classification of a scientific journal through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.
  • Scientific reference managementendnote.
  • Scientific reference managementMendeley
  • statistical analysis .SPSS
  • International publishing and selection of scientific journals
  • How to prepare an online survey
  • Scientific research skills
  • How to review a research paper.
  • Introducing the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.
  • Writing research plans.
  • quotation coefficient.
  • international classification
  • Quarters and impact factors.
  • Web of science and Scopus
  • Publons
  • Research gate and google scholar
  • Citation & H index