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Scientific activity aims

Scientific activity aims 

Raising the scientific level and exchanging experiences in the field of nursing through:

  • Holding conferences, scientific seminars, and workshops (active)
  • Participating in international conferences
  • Issuing scientific journals
  • Holding specialized seminars to provide members with the recent updates in the various fields of nursing and medical sciences (active)
  • Encouraging scientific research in the field of nursing and publishing the members’ research on the association's website
  • Organizing scientific competitions
  • Exchanging visits and experiences with international universities and specialized agencies

Awareness and media activities goals: Highlighting the role of graduates in society, setting policies that organize their work, and observing their rights through:

  • Educating graduates with the role of the association and its various activities (active)
  • Highlighting the importance of job descriptions for graduates, in cooperation with the competent authorities
  • Elaborating how members’ rights are protected through the practice of the profession law
  • Receiving member complaints and reviewing them to solve them (active)
  • Supporting the members in facing work problems and bringing different medical groups together to coordinate the work between them 
  • How to implement activities:
  • Make an explanatory note with the activity (type of activity - how it will be implemented - who will implement it - where it will be implemented - date of implementation - cost of the activity)
  • Present it to the chairman of the committee concerned with the activity and to the administrative director to obtain a written approval
  • Obtaining a written approval from the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the activity (preliminary approval is obtained from all members of the Board of Directors during the presentation of the plan)
  • Starting the implementation of the activity according to the mentioned details, taking into account the completion of the activity follow-up form (attached form) explaining the progress of implementation and sent to the association's email periodically, the duration of which is determined according to the type of activity (every week - two weeks - a month) to the administrative director and the general secretary of the association (The Secretary).
  • Preparing an evaluation form for the activity and distribute it to the participants.
  • Maintaining a list of the names of the participants stating the contact information (place of work, phone number and email)
  • Writing a detailed note at the end of the activity with all the details (duration - beneficiary number - income and expenses - participants in carrying out the activity ... etc) with a focus on:
  • Clarifying the negative aspects or obstacles experienced during implementation to avoid them in the following times.
  • Attaching the result of the evaluation of the participants of the association's members to the activity
  • Determining the active members of the audience to nominate who to join the committee 

Activities carried out by the Association: The Association has carried out various cultural activities to improve the members in all aspects such as:
Holding cultural and literary seminars 
Publishing a cultural and social magazine 
Spreading health awareness and environmental culture to reduce health and social problems
- Scientific activities:  
Holding scientific conferences and seminars and workshops 
Participating at international conferences 
Issuing scientific journals.
- Social activities: 
Honoring the distinguished in activities (scientific - literary - cultural - sports) 
Organizing Hajj and Umrah trips 
Organizing entertaining trips 
Cooperating with the specialized companies to provide durable goods and other products at reasonable prices or in installments
The Association has also created:
 A website: (
 An email (
A Facebook page (
This is to ease the communication with graduates and to listen to their problems and suggestions
Examples of the association's activities in the past five years
The Association has carried out a number of activities throughout the last 10 years:

Activities of 2011:

  • Organizing a seminar to list the crucial problems facing the association members and proposing solutions them on 5/6/2011
  • Organizing Umrah trips for the association members in 10-20 / 4/2011
  • Holding a group breakfast party for the association members in Ramadan at Al-Tatbeken Club
  • Organizing a trip for the association’s members to Rashid and Edfina on 9/9/2011, 9/19/2011
  • A three-day workshop to organize a group of courses to raise the level of scientific graduates

Activities of 2012:

  • Organizing a journey on Prophet’s birthday in the year 1433 AH
  • Renewing the subscriptions of Al-Tatbeken Club of Saba Basha Beach to the association members
  • Organizing a trip to the city of Rashid and Edfina on 4/20/2012
  • Organizing trips (for Dream Park - Luxor and Aswan) and several scientific activities (training and lectures) were announced and were not held due to the repeated security unrest in 2012

Activities of 2013:

  • Organizing Umrah trips of the Prophet’s birthday, 1434 AH
  • Participation in the scientific conference held by the Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University, on 15, 16/5/2013.
  • Making a Ramadan Iftar for the association members and their families in the Al-Tatbeken Club on the 15th of Ramadan/ 7/24/2013.
  • Participating in the graduate party held at the Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University, on Wednesday 10/30/2013.

Activities of 2014:

  • Organizing an Iftar event for the association members and their families on Thursday, the 12th of Ramadan - 7/10/2014 at the Acacia Club.
  • Participating in the training course for sub-intern students at the faculty of Nursing on 8/8/2014 and distributing the association's brochure to the graduates.
  • Participating in the graduation ceremony for the graduates of the faculty of Nursing on 11/26/2014.
  • Renewing of the Association of Al-Tatbeken Club members' association and their families
  • Preparing a remedial project for the association members and their families by contracting with a group of hospitals and doctors to provide a discount rate for the association members and their families

Activities of 2015:

  • Preparing a brochure of the names of doctors who were contracted in the treatment project
  • Participate in the training course for sub-intern students in Alexandria Nursing
  • Holding a seminar on diabetic foot care, by Dr. Anji Khatib at the Association headquarters
  • Participating in the graduate ceremony of the Faculty of Nursing Alexandria and providing certificates of appreciation and a one year subscription in the association for top students 

Activities of 2016:

  • Organizing a  meeting with Walid Orabi, Undersecretary of the Sub-Nursing Syndicate in Alexandria, on 01/30/2016 at the Association's headquarters in Smouha, to present the problems facing the members.
  • Offering a trip to the cities of Rashid and Edfina for the members of the Association, on Friday, 4/8/2016

Rules and regulations: Number of the association members:

  • The number of the current year (2016) members is estimated to be 1355 members of the graduates of all nursing faculties, hospitals, and faculty employees. They are registered in the association's records and in the electronic database (in progress)

Names of the Association members:
Attach “Names of Association Participants”
Registration form:
Attach “associations application form”
Update request:
Attach “date update form”
Education and Student Affairs Committee Tasks of the Committee The Education and Student Affairs Committee is one of the governing committees emanating from the Faculty Council and is of the professors of the faculty under the supervision of Prof. Dean of the faculty according to the rules as follows:
A- Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs (Chairman).
B- Five faculty members

The College’s Student Affairs Committee handles in particular the following issues:

  • Express opinions on accepting the transfer of students, transfer and suspension of enrollment, and students’ excuses.
  • Organizing practical training for students.
  • Tracking the results of the exams, statistics, and reports of examination committees. In addition to submitting the necessary recommendations in their regard in the Faculty Board.
  • Organizing rewards and scholarships.
  • Tracking the cultural, athletic, and social activities of students and submitting proposals to raise their level.
  • Facilitating the printing and publishing of books and study notes.
  • Encouraging the formation of the scientific association by increasing the teaching staff, organizing visits and scientific activities appropriate for students, and environmental service projects related to their specializations through the relevant departments.