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Franchise Affairs

Functional tasks of internship affairs :

  1. Make  the advertisement for graduates who will start the internship platform to inform them of Start appointment and required documents.
  2. Doing the transfer of graduate who want to go the internship outside Assiut.
  3. Make the delays required by the internship students..
  4. Follow up on the holidays, alarms, and the  required punishment of internship students.
  5. Writing attendance and absence reports of internship students.
  6.  Make report about the days that the graduate has spent .
  7. Make of excellence certificates for graduates.
  8. Follow-up of undergraduate students who to go the internship outside Assiut university.
  9. Receipt of the reservation fee for the internship courses.
  10.   make a special report for each student, which internship  students' reports.
  11. Preparing shifts tables  for internship  students.
  12. Supervising the internship students in the hospital in cooperation with faculty departments.
  13.  Prepare a student guide for internship 
  14. Prepare internship rounds (first round, second round) .
  15. periodic evaluation follow up for internship students and an electronic test for internship students at the end of each training session.
  16. The distribution of the job description to the internship students.
  17. Defining the internship students with the public service.
  18. Follow-up of students coming from other universities to take internship year from assiut University