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International Exchange


Aun Faculty Of Nursing

Admission requirements for the Master’s Degree for International students include the following:

For The masters, The candidate is required to pursue a year of studies approved by the Faculty Council and must pass the exams successfully, Then After passing the courses successfully, the candidate has to prepare a thesis on the topic recommended by the department council and approved by the Faculty’s-Council.

The needed papers:

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university recognized by AUN; if the certificate is from a private or foreign university, then it must be stamped from the Supreme Council of Universities in Cairo.
  • Show all the grades along with the courses studies in the previous university
  • Have a letter stating the approval of the cultural advisor to the embassy of the state from which the student is coming, in addition to, the funding entity
  • Have Three personal photos
  • Have Three copies of the valid passport