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Health Teams' Defiance towards Hand Hygiene Compliance

Research Authors
karima Abo ella Mouhamed, Ghada Hassan Ahmed
Research Date
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Research Journal
Assiut Scientific Nursing Journal
Research Member
Research Publisher
Assiut Scientific Nursing Journal
Research Vol
Volume 9, Issue 26, Summer 2021, Page 100-120
Research Website
urnal DOI: 10.21608/ASNJ.2021.98739.1241
Research Year
Volume 9, Issue 26, Summer 2021, Page 100-120
Volume 9, Issue 26, Summer 2021, Page 100-120
Research Abstract
Background: Hand hygiene has been found to minimize the incidence and spread of hospital-acquired infections when practiced consistently. Aim: To assess health teams' defiance opinion towards hand hygiene compliance. Design: Descriptive exploratory research design was used. Setting: It was conducted in General Surgery Department and Special Surgery (Plastic surgery & Burn department, Orthopedic Surgery and Vascular Surgery) at Main Assiut University Hospital, Egypt. Sample: 200 of health team members. Tools: One tool used for data collection; hand hygiene compliance audit questionnaire, it consisted of 3 parts; demographic data, health teams compliance with hand hygiene practice and the reasons for non-compliance. Results: The highest percent of them were nurses, females, married (88%, 70.5% and 65% respectively) and belong to age group from 26 to 40 years. Less than half (43%) of them was worked in general surgery. 57% of them had diploma degree and (63%) had ≥ 10 years of experience. The highest percentage of the studied subjects had a poor compliance level of hand hygiene, hand rub, and gloves wearing. Conclusion: level of non-compliance was high and the major reason for health team defiance to hand hygiene compliance was; staff did not aware with 5 moments indications of hand hygiene. Recommendations: Apply developed program in the study setting for health teams regarding compliance to hand hygiene.